We believe in heartbeats — elevated, sweaty, and passionately pounding kind of beats.

Great people deserve to work with great leaders.

We are your matchmakers – recruiting your next best hire – and passionate people developers – building and retaining your internal talent.

We have the enthusiasm to create something new with you, the courage to tell you the truth, and the experience in delivering the results you haven’t been able to get anywhere else.

Manager Start Line

People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers. Our online training program is designed to elevate your people managers’ ability to manage themselves, manage their team, and drive organizational results.

+ 12 online modules that teach you the best techniques and practices.

+ Flexible start times that allow you to start whenever and wherever.

+ E-learning platform that scales to your growing business without the additional cost to your bottom-line.

Team Corker pulled us together and taught us how to use shared values and honest, direct communication to fuel our business. Brilliant!”

– VICTORIA SHANNON, President, Hansbraun Investments

“Team Corker has been a seamless addition to our leadership team and helped define our path forward. We are a positive and passionate high performing team – Matt and Steph fit in because they are just like us!”

– GORDON DEVIN, CEO, Spiritual Gangster

Spiritual Gangster is a clothing company on a mission. In order to amplify their impact, Team Corker was brought in to work with the new leadership team to help define who they are, their company culture, and how they were going to change the world going forward. Beyond strategy creation, we’re still work together to ensure their team is continually developed and on fire for the vision they are working toward.

Knixwear is an intimate apparel company that is quickly disrupting an entire industry. Their growth has been immediate and fast. They had a huge need for high quality candidates to build on that growth – stat.

Team Corker is helping to hire key roles on their leadership team, including the VP, Merchandise, to add the needed leadership in the right areas. They wanted the best, they got the best, and we’re continuing our work together to keep that momentum going.

As growing interactive game studio, Blackbird knew it needed to find an impactful leadership training that would resonate with both their engineers and creative team. Team Corker created a custom experience based off the Manager Start Line – which quickly turned development skeptics into raving fans.

“Not only has the course content been very well received by the leadership team, it has been invaluable in its practical use in the workplace. This is the first leadership program I have experienced where participants have actively followed up with me stating how they have used approaches from the program and how helpful it has been to them and their teams.

Their personal style has really resonated with the group and we look forward to continue to grow BBI with the support of The Corker Co.”

– SARAH MCNAIR, Director of HR, Blackbird Interactive

Recruiting The Best

You can’t wait forever for the right ones to find you. That’s where we come in. We turn your forever into the now.

  1. We are industry agnostic and people centric. As tech, retail, digital, and new business models collide – industries, as we often talk about them, are morphing. Rather than specializing on one industry, we focus on creating connections based on values and visions. Great people want to work for great leaders in great brands.

  2. We have the courage to tell you the truth. If we don’t think we can help you find that role, we won’t waste your time. If your recruiting practices need a revamp, we’ve got you. We tell you the truth so you know that you can do the same with us.

“I felt a little lost in how to take the next step. I was always second guessing myself and didn’t feel like I was moving forward in my business or as a leader. Working with Matt as my coach helped me identify what was standing in my way and build new practices that I continue to use every day. Now I feel unstoppable!”

– ADAM, Coaching Client

Upcoming Events

september, 2018

08sepalldayTeam Corker at RBC GranFondo WhistlerKits on and bikes ready to go! GranFondo here we come.

26sep3:00 pm5:00 pmDiabetes Canada Free at 3!Join us and Diabetes Canada to celebrate workplace wellness and bring awareness to diabetes in Canada. Leave work at 3 and take your team for a workout!