Matt Corker

He is bold.
He is always up for the adventure!
He is your biggest fan.

Meet Matt Corker

Matt is the man everyone wants to lead their team. He has worked across multiple sectors both public and private, using his special knack for cutting through the clutter and getting to the heart of the matter, every time. You can count on him to do whatever it takes, with love and enthusiasm.

He completed his MBA in Copenhagen and would say he finished his degree a few months later at a yoga teacher training in Bali. He jet sets to close a deal as quickly as he does to chase an adventure. He won’t leave home without his yoga mat and has great tales of writing his first book called “Getting Over The Rainbow”.

What only this sister could brag about is that he:

+ booked a plane ticket at the airport for the next departing flight – he really knows how to live in the moment!

+ crashed a scooter in Bali and still practiced yoga with open battle wounds (and the bugs they attracted).

+ had Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Successful People beside his bed when he was 10 years old – self development started at a very young age for this guy.

+ performed on stage with Donny Osmond in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat as a child and really, hasn’t left the stage ever since. Matt knows how to capture an audience and is best with a mic in his hands.

+ is intimately aware of the prana in his morning smoothie and equally excited to share an ice cream cone after dinner. #balancematters

+ is the only leader you will meet who will encourage you to chase your 5-9 goals as diligently as you do during your 9-5.

He is bold. He is always up for the adventure! He is your biggest fan.

He is perfectly Matt Corker.

Steph Corker

She is a force.
She is a firecracker.
She is a lover of love.

Meet Steph Corker

Steph is ridiculously passionate about what’s possible. This attitude kicked off her career in executive search and she has since spent over a decade in the land of recruitment, talent development, and people brand/strategy with a global tech company, retail giants, and scrappy start ups.

She is a 16x Ironman finisher, 3x Ironman World Championship qualifier, and a coach to some amazing athletes with B78 Coaching. She is a relentless competitor – because she races like she works – with a whole lotta heart.

What only this brother could brag about is that she:

+ was selected to spend a life changing week with Seth Godin in New York where she learned what it meant to lead remarkable work with remarkable people.

+ has climbed the Grouse Grind, Vancouver’s natural stair master, 11 times in. a. row! That’s 19.8 miles, up 5.8 miles of elevation, climbing 31,130 stairs in the process. Steph knows what resilience and grit looks like on a bike and on a mountain.

+ has a serious love affair with the land of aloha (and pineapples). “It’s all love in the 8-0-8.”

+ cares so deeply about appreciation and sweaty living that she’ll often be seen bringing beet cupcakes to swim practice to “treat” her fellow swimmers.

+ loves making kombucha, yet can’t keep a houseplant alive.

+ wakes up to help others dream a little bit bigger than they did yesterday.

She is a force. She is a firecracker. She is a lover of love.

She is unapologetically Steph Corker.

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