We coach leaders that want
more life in their life.

What is Business Strategy + Leadership Coaching:

We guide you through conversations that take you deeper into your own understanding of yourself and how you contribute to the world. Whether it be in your community, your family, or your corporation.

Who is it for:

In short, we coach leaders with a dream. A dream for more ease at the office, more power with their partner, and more self expression on the stage. They dream of becoming ridiculously successful so that they can give back to more people.

They dream of getting out of their rut and finally chasing the dreams on the shelf. They dream of no longer pushing through, dealing with it, or hanging onto the job or relationship for “just one more month.”

Tested teachings

Modern approach. Having studied integral coaching, yogic philosophies, multiple personal development modalities, and earned two business degrees along the way, Matt provides grounded theory and expertise in a practical and updated way

Focused on what works.

Everyone has a different way of operating their business and their life. Instead of pushing you to conform to “the way,” Matt works with you to uncover how to make every area of your life work.

Built around your schedule.

We offer 3, 5, and 8-month retained coaching experiences where the cadence and duration of each session is customized to your schedule and the results you’re looking for. “I don’t have time” is an excuse we eliminate right away.

What it includes:

+ A 30-min intake call to determine coaching intention and fit between you and
+ A CliftonStrengths assessment to discover what you naturally do best.
+ A personalized program incorporating every area of your life — career, health,
relationships, mindfulness, self leadership, and community.
+ 1:1 conversations hosted over phone or web- conference — so you can be
anywhere in the world and still have access to your coach.
+ Ongoing support via email and text between 1:1 sessions.

Meet Matt

He is bold. He is always up for the adventure. He is your biggest fan.

Matt is the man everyone wants to lead their team. He has worked across multiple sectors both public and private, using his special knack for cutting through the clutter and getting to the heart of the matter, every time. You can count on him to do whatever it takes, with love and enthusiasm.
Before creating the Manager Start Line, he completed his MBA in Copenhagen and would say he finished his degree a few months later at a yoga teacher training in Bali. He also has some great tales of writing his first book called “Getting Over The Rainbow”.

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