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How powerful could you become if you harnessed your own potential?

You and me.
One on One.
Making your life work.
My coaching philosophy has been influenced and shaped by competitive athletics, yogic philosophies, numerous business texts, personal development experiences, integral coaching practices, and by the igolu program created by Susanne Conrad.
I believe that leadership coaching can mirror athletic coaching – using specific instruction, personal practice, and intentional evaluation to ensure new skills are developed and better results created – in all areas of your life.
In other words: I’m not going to ask you open-ended questions while you lay on my couch. We’re playing on the court here.
Most of my clients are athletes or entrepreneurial leaders looking to take their game to the next level.
A handful are looking to “break out” of an untrue identity or restrictive patterns/habits.
Each coaching program I create is customized to that client.
Your plan will be unique based on the cadence and number of sessions you want, the budget, and how deep you want to go.

Interesting facts:

  • 20% of my clients have required further coaching after their program is complete. My aim is to give you the tools to be able to create results without my support.
  • 80% of my clients have been referred to me by previous clients. Sharing what works, works.
  • 100% of my clients have achieved their goals sooner than they thought they would. This stat blows my mind and makes me so grateful for the opportunity to work with such talented people. You are my inspiration!


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