Running your business without developing your people is like taking a roadtrip and saying “I’m too busy driving to fill up with gas.”

Your people are what take you to that next destination on your strategic plan.

When you fill up your people with skills, knowledge, and hutzpah – they’ll make the journey that much better. The outside perspective we bring could make all the difference. It also gives you a chance to breathe, reflect, be inspired, laugh, and participate in something together with your team.

Keynotes + Workshops

One hour could change the trajectory of your people. Bring us in and we’ll show you. Some favourite sessions have included:

The Power Of Your People (Brand).

The secrets to attracting and retaining remarkable people who will define your company culture.

Going Rogue.

A new way of getting sh*t done that empowers your people to deliver their best work in the worst situations.

Your Goal Upgrade.

Goals with soul are not created by following a template. Let your values, desires, bucket lists, visions, and – dare we say it – failures guide your way instead.

Ironman: The Love Story.

From first-time runner to 18x Ironman finisher, Steph shares her passion of triathlon and philosophy of ‘how we do anything is how we do everything’ – be it on the race course or in a boardroom.

Getting Out Of My Own Way.

Matt shares the five things that stop him from being great – the truth behind playing at his edge in relationships, authoring a book, and managing high stakes situations he knew nothing about.


Want to dive deep with your team and lead a half or full-day of training? We’ve got you. We’ll help you craft an experience that your team will remember forever.


When you remove the desks and chairs – what can we create? We are passionate about immersive learning experiences as we believe they lead to true transformation. Movement, healthy food, outdoor (re)connection, and powerful sessions allow our offsites to be like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Developing best in class managers

If you’re keen to take your people leaders to the next level, our Manager Start Line program is designed to be experienced fully online, fully in-person, or a blend of the two. Check out the curriculum to see if your next session could be dedicated to developing the most important role in your company: your people managers.

Kit & Ace is a technical apparel company that brought washable cashmere to market. On the cusp of some corporate changes (both strategically and structurally), Team Corker was asked to lead multiple half-day intensives to their newly identified high-potential talent. It was to both support the development of future successors and a clear strategy to retain their top performers during all the transition.

The sessions were so valuable that some attendees even asked if we could run them for their family members. Which we happily did of course.

Cause when your life works – work works.

When the regional reps responsible for executing the go-to-market strategy for YouTube all come together, Team Corker was there to help facilitate their day. The focus of their offsite was on enhancing their communication skills – as they work as a remote global team – yet true magic was created when their people were able to share who they were and what they were really up to in the world – beyond their role at Google.

Putting the heartbeat back into search words – one goal at a time.

Meet Matt

He is bold. He is always up for the adventure. He is your biggest fan.

Matt is the man everyone wants to lead their team. He has worked across multiple sectors both public and private, using his special knack for cutting through the clutter and getting to the heart of the matter, every time. You can count on him to do whatever it takes, with love and enthusiasm.
Before creating the Manager Start Line, he completed his MBA in Copenhagen and would say he finished his degree a few months later at a yoga teacher training in Bali. He also has some great tales of writing his first book called “Getting Over The Rainbow”.

Leadership + Business Coaching

To create personalized results requires a personalized approach. By working one-on-one, you will be able to refine your own leadership approach and how you can most effectively lead your business (and your life).   

“I initially contacted Matt for some guidance in pursuing certain opportunities in my life and career. He helped by giving me the tools to evaluate what was most important.  Once I considered these opportunities in relation to my values, my priorities became clear.”


1. Tested teachings. Modern approach. Having studied integral coaching, yogic philosophies, multiple personal development modalities, and earned two business degrees along the way, Matt provides grounded theory and expertise in a practical and updated way.

2. Focused on what works. Everyone has a different way of operating their business and their life. Instead of pushing you to conform to “the way,” Matt works with you to uncover how to make every area of your life work.

3. Built around your schedule. We offer 3, 5, and 8-month retained coaching experiences where the cadence and duration of each session is customized to your schedule and the results you’re looking for. “I don’t have time” is an excuse we eliminate right away.

“I felt a little lost in how to take the next step. I was always second guessing myself and didn’t feel like I was moving forward in my business or as a leader. Working with Matt as my coach helped me identify what was standing in my way and build new practices that I continue to use every day. Now I feel unstoppable!”


Let us know how we can help bring your people strategy to life.