#24: Corporate Gigs to Something New – When Do You Take the Jump?

How do you know if you’re ready to kiss your corporate job goodbye and set out for a small, mission-driven organization or start your own bizz? Tune in to hear Matt’s 3 litmus tests to know when you’re ready for a change (including a memorable chat with a now Riverdale star…) and Steph’s advice on knowing if being an entrepreneur or working for one is really for you.

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Steph’s favourite pool is no other than Kits pool! Here’s the summer schedule.

The three litmus tests:
1) Am I complaining more than I’m creating?
2) Have I become resentful for the contribution I am making because I can’t stand behind my leader anymore?
3) Is this job holding me back from living into my vision?

PS. where else do these show up in your life?

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