4 Ways To Be A Better Boss Without Actually Working

Becoming a more effective and efficient leader doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Here are four of our favourite ways to develop your on the job management skills outside the office:

Take Up Meditation

It’s no secret that many of today’s top business leaders tout meditation as the not-so-secret secret to their success. Research shows that a regular meditation practice can lead to better sleep, reduced stress, and even help heal injuries faster. So how can it make you a better boss?

The techniques utilized in meditation can allow you to take control of your thoughts so that you’re able to lead from a place of trust and confidence instead of worry and fear. And, with countless apps and even dedicated meditation studios, it’s never been easier to get your zen on.

Learn How to Play the Mandolin

Assuming you’re not already an expert mandolinist, learning to play a musical instrument (recorder, tuba, banjo, tambourine — it’s up to you!) not only increases your cognitive functioning, it can make you a better listener. Fact: better listeners make better leaders. (Plus, you’ll wow your employees at your next office talent show).

Join A Dodgeball League

Or a ping pong team. Or a competitive choir. Countless studies show that participation in sports (and probably competitive choirs) leads to increased leadership skills and self-confidence. And it’s actually even better if you or your team is terrible.

According to this article in The Observer, “Athletes with lesser abilities may learn different life skills that are equally important in their future careers, such as dealing with adversity and regulating one’s emotions despite minimal playing time.” In other words, fail like a boss.

Enrol In The Manager Start Line

Okay, this one kind of has to do with work. But we truly believe that while the above activities are valuable to managers of all sorts, no amount of meditation, mandolin-ing, or dodgeball-throwing can replace the value of a dedicated leadership training program.

Learning and implementing management-specific skills from people-development leaders plays a vital role in driving results and achieving corporate goals. Whether you’re an aspiring or an established manager, enrolling in an e-learning platform like The Manager Start Line can help you take your leadership to the next level.

Be A Better Boss.

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