#51 — Surviving and the Holi-daze w/ Matt + Steph

Don’t wait until 2019 to start manifesting your best, most conscious, thriving self.

This week on #Uncorked, Matt + Steph break down the behaviours, actions and habits that one can cultivate to #finishstrong, and to enter the new year feeling refreshed, prepared and excited to tackle those juicy 2019 goals.

Matt + Steph’s tips to stay on top of your game this Holiday Season:

1. Stick to your movement routine, stay consistent, and take advantage of any extra opportunities to get up and move.
2. Travel with your running shoes + fit in what you can. Be kind and forgive yourself if your training sessions aren’t what you are used to.
3. Make nourishing food a priority. When you are not at holiday parties or social gatherings, be extra mindful of what you put on your plate.
4. Clean up your space before travelling — come home to a clean home + office.
5. Stock your pantry with healthy staples + order fresh groceries to be delivered for when you return home.
6. Cut back on animal products and be mindful of consumption in all areas.
7. Focus on conscious gift giving, avoid trinkets, and prioritize experiences over things.
8. Send a sweet note in the post and let someone know you care.
9. Donate to your local homeless shelter as temperatures plummet.
10. Reduce waste and avoid single-use plastic. Don’t make it the season of excuses, plastic cutlery, and paper plates.
11. And if you only do one thing, stay present.


Help the Homeless this Winter: dailyhive.com/vancouver/how-to-h…ter-vancouver-2016

Eat more plants, change the world: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwoL6hWd4l0

Keep your gatherings more sustainable: www.thegoodtrade.com/features/plann…-holiday-party

A healthy bar to keep you fuelled through the festivities: www.mynewroots.org/site/2018/03/ca…-crispy-treats/

MOVR — rad new personal training app available at the end of December — stay active when the studios close: www.moveasyouare.com

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