#DisruptHRYVR 2018 Meet the Speakers!

DisruptHR YVR 2018 from The Corker Co. on Vimeo.

DisruptHR YVR is just around the corner (T-minus 8 days!).
Science World awaits and we are feeling a disruptive storm coming our way.

In the name of excitement, we have some people we’d like you to meet – your DisruptHR YVR 2018 speakers!


Name: Nahal Yousefian
Role: Chief People Experience Officer
Company: MEC
Her talk: The Day I Realized I Hate HR




Name: Laurie Bennett
Role: Founding Partner
 Within People
His talk: Your culture’s not a unicorn, it’s a donkey.
Busting the myths that stop leaders using their culture to grow.




Name: Jessie Nelson
Role: Founder
Company: KITH+common|Community Consulting
Their talk: [Contra]Diction: How the Words You Choose Have Impact.





Name: Bonnie Cheng
 She’s our student speaker! A finance student at UBC.
Her talk: Why We Need to Be More Lazy.





Name: Chris Howe
Role: Courier Growth Manager
Company: foodora
His talk: Thriving with Contractors





Name: Sim Tatla
Role: Recruiter and Content Manager
Company: The Corker Co
Her talk: Representative Recruiting – Why It Matters and Why Your Candidates Want It





Name: Eric Termuende
Role: Co-Founder
Company: NoW Innovations
His talk: HR is Killing Culture







Name: Laura Appleton

Role: Senior Manager, People & Culture
Company: Arc’teryx Equipment
Her talk: Sh*T Disturber, What’s Missing from Your HR Job Title.






Name: Urszula Lipsztajn
Role: An international life coach, guide, speaker and author
Company: urszula.co

And she’s our show opener! Breathe, get energized, and get ready for a night of disruptive talks.



And the excitement continues! Here are a few other goodies you can expect throughout the night:

  • Networking and live music before the event so you can meet rad people and hear great tunes all at the same time 🎶
  • Popcorn for those after-dinner munchies
  • A bar on site with beer, wine, lemonade, and some H2O to keep you hydrated
  • After-show treats from our friends at TurF! Spoiler: Think small, round, energizing, and sweet…

Bringing people together who are just as passionate about the future of work as we are makes our hearts full and our minds inspired.

We can’t wait to see you at the show! And if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, get ‘em fast!

Meet Matt. He is bold. He is always up for the adventure. He is your biggest fan.

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