For The Love Of Mamas

The feedback they never asked for, but that their kids were happy to share

Of all the titles that show up on a LinkedIn profile or resume, for some reason “mama” never shows up. In the other roles listed on a resume, feedback is often given to correct and reward behaviour. Well, when it comes to motherhood there is one source of feedback that matters most…your kids.

In the name of celebrating some special mamas we love, we asked their “bosses” what makes their mamas so great and how they make the world a better place – all written straight from their children’s hearts.  


“My Momma has taught me to dance and spin like a beautiful princess. I am proud of her for working very hard in Seattle and San Francisco and then coming home to Vancouver to take us for ice cream. My Momma makes lots of families happy with her work.” – Saaya, age 5

“My Momma has taught me how to build a big castle and how to go poop on the potty. I am proud of my Momma because she makes cake!” – Aria, age 2.5

DANIELLE LAPORTE, Author of hot new best-seller WHITE HOT TRUTH

“My Mama has taught me how to be a good human being. I am a proud of her for inspiring others. She makes the world a better place with her love and inspiration.” – Harper, age 13

EMILY SCHACH, Co-Founder at Glory Juice Co.

“My mom has taught me ballet, all the moves and dancing like plie. I’m proud of my mom because of how much she loves me and she’s strong.” – Ava, age 3

CINDY BOKITCH, VP Global Operational Solutions at lululemon athletica

“I’m proud of Mumma for being able to start from nothing in the workforce and move up. Also, she didn’t go to university so she had to learn her skills she has from actually being out there and learning from experience.” – Merlin, age 17

“My Mom has taught me to work hard and to listen. I am proud of her work ethic and her kindness and she makes the world a better place by taking the time to help people and talk to them.” – Bowen, age 15

“Mumma makes the world better just by being in it. She is always so caring, considerate, thoughtful, and much more! Mumma is always sooooo nice she always buys gifts for people when she doesn’t even have to, how amazing is that? I say to her, ‘Mumma you’re too nice’ and do you know what she says back? ‘There is no such this as being too nice.’ That’s just a the type of person she is and that is why we love her.” – Harper, age 13

TESS SLOANE, Director of Talent + Development at Earls // Co-Founder of Talent Lab

“My Meema is the best because she is really fun and she spends lots of time with me. Sometimes she gets me surprises and treats or lets me watch her iPad. She has taught me to be nice and friendly. I am proud of my Mom for her job at Earls and when she does her Talent Lab and when she tries to come home early to spend time with me and my brother Sam.” – Jack, age 5

JACKI CARR, Co-Founder of Rock Your Bliss

“First things first. My mom is the best. Ever. She is, without a doubt, the most creative, thoughtful, passionate, persistent, loving and loyal person there ever was! Right now, I am exploring the world in many different ways and learning so much. She is always introducing me to new things and new ideas and is always making me laugh! She makes the world a better place because she is CONSTANTLY challenging people to be the best version of themselves. Daily, I hear her encouraging her clients to do something different or try something new in order to find their true happiness. If everyone is doing something they love and/or being the person they truly want to be, doesn’t that make the world better?  I sure think so! She’s like a unicorn, so rare and magical.” – Evergreen Marie, 1 — as told through her Daddy

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