Hating Your Job Is Selfish

Consider that for a second.

Hating your job is selfish.

If I hated my job, I would be occupying a role that another person may find incredibly satisfying.

By me being in that role, I am potentially taking away someone else’s opportunity for a fulfilling career.

The work that means little to me, or makes me feel weak when I do it, could mean the world to someone else. It could play to all of their strengths they’re just hungry to practice.

That job I hate, could also be someone else’s dream job.

When I hate my job, I am not living my best life. More to the point, I am actively delaying someone else from living out their best life.

Consider this the next time you choose to hate coming in to work again.

Instead of staying and hating it, quit and let someone else love it.

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