Podcast #23: Curating Your Most Beautiful Life with Business Owner, Jonathon Litchfield.

You may know him as the name behind the brick-and-mortar, Litchfield, in Gastown. We know him as a dear friend and rad Vancouverite. He’s Jonathon Litchfield and we’re learning all about the newest trends he’s excited about, his recent trip to Paris and where else he goes to find life inspiration, and what he’s most looking forward to.

Steph’s Favourite (Litchfield) Things:

  1. My fave body cream (a small dab will do you just fine!)
  2. I bought my man this dopp kit (he approves;))
  3. A toss up between a candle or incense sticks, but the token Litchfield candle is really hard to pass up 

Favourite Whitney Song: because I SO wanna dance with somebody

Jonathon’s Favourite Things:

  1. Case Study Ceramics Planters – plants give us clean air, the least I can do is give them a nice home, right?! 
  2. Aarke Water Carbonator – I live for this thing – it’s increased my water intake and cut my recycling WAY down. Win-win.
  3. Carlen Metals Parfum – a  complex personal scent is luxury – and invisible beauty – hard not to love that! 




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