The Struggle Of The Start

In a world of choice, there are so many options that choosing which one is the best one can feel overwhelming. The researchers agree — decision-paralysis is a real deal breaker.

This is especially true when we are starting something new. We evaluate, analyze, over-think, and second-guess which option to start with. We get so wrapped up in scrutinizing each option that we don’t ever get around to implementing anything.

Another paradox exists here — in a world of choice, it’s easier to never finish something.

We start something and don’t finish it because, hey, there is another option of something I could start. Cue “shiny object syndrome” — we move onto “the next thing” in the hopes that it is better, when in fact it is simply different.

This is the real struggle with the start.

I am talking about choosing to start over and over again. When something is hard, persevering through it. When something has failed, learning the lesson and trying again. When something went incredibly well, taking that as the new standard and starting again to up your game.

What if it wasn’t about always doing something different — choosing the other option on the table — but instead, about doing something better.

As an athlete, I get this. It’s the same over and over again. And I get to choose it over and over again. Choosing to be better every day.

In the world of training your team at work, the same principles are at play. Developing your people isn’t a one time occasion that you get to start and then move on to “the next option.” Starting and then giving up in search for something else doesn’t lead to a high performing team.

The struggle in lasting people development is that you get to practice starting — again and again and again. A new teammate joins, a new corporate strategy or season is released, an org re-design occurs … these are not times to look for what’s new and different, it’s about choosing to be better than you were yesterday. Choosing to stay the course of investing in your people — again and again and again.

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