Why Your Employees Keep Quitting (And What You Can Do About It)

They say comparison is the thief of joy, and, as it turns out, comparison also makes it easy for other companies to lure your top talent from you.

According to the Harvard Business Review, “what really affects people is their sense of how they’re doing compared with other people in their peer group.” Which means even if your employee’s best friend gets a promotion in a totally unrelated field, they still might be tempted to start surfing LinkedIn for opportunities that better align them with those in their social sphere.

In other words, job satisfaction is often influenced by events over which you as a manager, executive, or business owner have little control.

So what CAN you do to ensure that regardless of the events in your employee’s personal life they still love coming to work for your organization every day? Become a leader who cares.

Communicate With Your Team Members

People often think of their work and personal lives as separate, but research shows that that higher levels of work life balance are associated with higher levels of job satisfaction. When was the last time you asked your team members how their weekends were (and actually listened to their responses)? Or more importantly, genuinely inquired about whether their job is contributing to their overall happiness?

Take Responsibility For Your Sh*t

If outside forces impact your employee’s job satisfaction, you can bet your bottom line that your personal life is acting on your ability to be a leader too. Great people management (and employee retention) begins with personal integrity. Identify your integrity gaps and make key changes so that you can show up powerfully for your team. There’s a reason it’s said that employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers.

Invest In Your People

A study performed by the Dale Carnegie Training Center, found that 40 percent of employees that didn’t receive adequate training ended up leaving their companies within their first year on the job. Creating opportunities for your people to grow and develop their leadership skills increases job satisfaction and allows them to seek opportunities within your organization — instead of with your competitors.

Interested in more ways to increase job-satisfaction for your employees?

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