Your Spring Cleaning List: Life Edition

Spring cleaning is in full fruition and that doesn’t just mean cleaning out your desk. It’s an opportunity to really clear out what’s taking up unnecessary room in your life so that you can fill the space with what’s really important to you.

We present to you: The #TeamCorker Spring Cleaning List!


1. The mobile clean out

Phone contacts

We’ve all been there (and most of us still are!). We have contacts in our phone who’ve been there for years and no messages have been exchanged. That cutie you met at the university bar more than five years ago? Delete. The person you sold your couch to on Craigslist? Be gone. Intentional relationships > overflowing contacts, always.

Stored photos

Pick up your phone and filter through all of the photos you have saved. Delete the ones that don’t make you smile or that don’t bring a little happiness to your day. It’ll make a difference, we promise. 🤞🏽

Unused apps

A clean phone does wonders. We live in the ‘download this app now!’ era, and our phones and brains are suffering because of it. Go through all of the apps you have, delete the ones you don’t use, organize them, and avoid app-overflow.

Mass emails in the inbox

One app that we do vouch for – Clean inboxes FTW!


2. Get green and clean

Gross food in your fridge (and diet!)

When cravings hit, keep these in mind:

Green goodness > packaged sweetness

H2O > sugar-y bevvies

Natural sweets (fruits galore!) > refined and added sugars

Cooking dinners > take-out menus

Tip 1: If you don’t have time to get groceries, try SPUD – they’ll bring you everything you need!

Tip 2: If you don’t have groceries AND don’t know what meals to cook, try a food prep delivery service that brings you the ingredients you need for specific meals. We’d recommend HelloFresh for an easy healthy meal plan!

Paper cups, plastic bags, and other waste

Out with the waste!

If you find it hard to eliminate waste products like paper coffee cups, plastic grocery bags, or straws, start with one and put yourself in a 30-day challenge. It’s all about building the habit.


3. The classic closet cleanse

Overflowing wardrobes

The clothes you don’t wear anymore or the pieces you bought two years ago that still have a price tag? Donate them to someone who really needs them. Need help building an intentional wardrobe? We have the gal for you.

Underwear and undershirts

The undergarment purge is real. Before we know it, it’s been a couple of years since we last bought a new pair and…that’s not okay. Clean undies are happy undies.

Wallets + handbags

Receipts, business cards, coupons, old credit cards, and used-up gift cards – they may be little but they sure do like their space. If you haven’t used any of these in the past two weeks, chances are you never will. Out we say!


4. Life’s little things

Bad late night habits

No, you don’t need that piece of dark chocolate before going to bed.

Your teeth cannot wait to be brushed and flossed.

Work emails can wait to be answered.

Our tip to breaking your late-night habits? Start with one and put an alarm in your phone as a reminder to keep building on it! #sleepmatters

Unfinished conversations and messes

The text message you didn’t respond to?

The talk you’ve been avoiding with your boss?

The nagging voice in your head you’ve been avoiding?

As humans, we put a lot of meaning behind the conversations we don’t have. Take it one convo at a time and you’ll see how relieving it is.

We don’t know about you, but cleaning up the different areas of our lives really gives us more clarity, happiness, gratitude, and mental headspace to enjoy the lives we have. What else do you have on your Spring Cleaning list? Share in the comments below!

Are you looking to clean up conversations at work with your boss or employees but don’t know where to start? Shoot us a note and we’ll help you get the talk started so you can grow in your role and as a leader at your organization.

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