You can’t wait forever for the right ones to find you. That’s where we come in—we turn your forever into the now.

What we do:

Org Review + Role Assessment – developing role profiles that people would love to have
that align with your long-term strategy

Recruiting Strategy – creating unique approaches to ensure the best candidates know
why they should work for you

Interviewing + Reference Checks – putting only the cream of the crop in front of you

Celebration – popping bubbly with a job offer drafted and accepted!

Hot jobs:

Current Roles: Recruiter // Heartbeat Hunter

TeamCorker is hiring another recruiter. If you catch (other peoples’) dreams for breakfast, consider LinkedIn to be a detective zone, and most of all are insanely curious about what makes peoples’ hearts beat faster … we wanna hear from you!

You can be based anywhere, so long as you have wifi connection + a heartbeat … + ideally have a spider-person network of talent across North America.

We believe in the law of attraction. Do you know someone awesome? Heck, maybe it’s

you! Send us a note: ​​.

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Meet Steph

She is a force. She is a firecracker. She is a lover of love.

Steph Corker is unapologetically herself. With a passion for people, her career kicked off in executive search and she’s since spent over a decade in the land of recruitment, talent development, and people brand strategy. From retail giants to a global tech company to scrappy startups—for her, it isn’t about industry, it’s about helping great leaders find the greatest talent.
She’s a relentless competitor – finishing more Ironman and long-distance triathlons than you have fingers and toes. She is also a coach to some amazing athletes with B78 Coaching. She races like she works – with a whole lotta heart.

Known as one of the hottest brands to watch in 2017, Outdoor Voices is poised to take on the giants of athleisure such as lululemon and Under Armour by creating products for more people to get out and get “doing things.” They came to us with a challenge we couldn’t say no to.

They wanted to grow their Product Team in New York and Austin yet didn’t know where to find the right technical apparel talent. They booked a trip to Vancouver where Team Corker organized a full day of back-to-back interviews with candidates. Their personal network expanded, offers were made, and their new Head of Materials started the week after.

They just get it.”

– JACKIE BRUCE, Director of Materials, Outdoor Voices

“The Corker Co. = AWESOME. Their focus on people, honesty, and aligning people to roles and opportunities that are best suited for them is a true talent of Steph and Matt. Working with them is like working with family. They know the importance of culture first, and set anyone who has the pleasure of working with them up for great success”

– ZULEIKA SGRO, VP Retail Operations, Saje Natural Wellness

TurF is a new take on the community centre – a place to meet, shop, sweat, and eat all under one roof. They are committed to hosting fitness classes that move away from a transactional experience and into one that is transformational in nature. This required a new philosophy for training fitness instructors. Team Corker worked with the TurF leadership team for 4-months to craft the unique philosophy that would become the foundation for their teachers (and members) to grow in.

“In putting together the studio’s philosophy, we sought out the help of Team Corker. They were a natural choice as their roots in health, movement, and personal development aligned with our goals to create a transformational sweat for our members. They understood the importance of our members’ energy and how we want them to leave class feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally better than they arrived.”

– ANGE HARTMAN, Vice President + General Manager, TurF

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