Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

The new career path is hardly linear and is now rarely limited to one sector. Rather than specializing on one industry, we focus on creating connections based on values and visions. Great people want to work for great leaders in great brands. We are committed to helping you:

+ develop candidate and role profiles that attract the right people

+ create unique strategies to ensure the best candidates know why they should work for you

+ with preliminary screening, meaningful interviews, and robust reference checks to put only the best in front of you

+ have real, honest conversation the whole way through

+ celebrate a remarkable new addition to your team!


People Planning & Development

Your workforce is changing. To keep up (or better yet, get ahead of the game) you require creative ways to attract, retain, and develop your people. You also don’t want what “everyone else is doing.” We work with you to create and deliver customized programs to:

+ upgrade your interactions and practices from first hello to final goodbye

+ develop your managers and keep your high potential talent engaged

+ create global scalability and local consistency through e-learning solutions

+ redefine your mission + vision, purpose + passions, and values + goals

People Planning & Development
Register 2017 Manager Startline

Manager Start Line

The heartbeat of your company is fueled in large part by your people managers. This online management training program has been created to take your new people managers (and your business) to the next level.

Inspiring Heartbeats

Inspiring Heartbeats

An outside voice from people that care could make all the difference. It gives you a chance to breathe, reflect, be inspired, laugh, and participate in something together with your team. We believe that we can help you deliver cultural renovations and revelations by:

+ facilitating leadership workshops, intensives, and offsites

+ sharing our insights and energy through keynote presentations

+ providing group or 1:1 leadership coaching sessions

Presentation favourites have included:

The Power Of Your People (Brand).

The secrets to attracting and retaining remarkable people who will define your company culture.

Going Rogue.

A new way of getting sh*t done that empowers your people to deliver their best work in the worst situations.

Your Goal Upgrade.

Goals with soul are not created by following a template. Let your values, desires, bucket lists, visions, and -dare we say it- failures guide your way instead.

Ironman: The Love Story.

From first-time runner to 13x Ironman finisher, Steph shares her passion of triathlon and philosophy of ‘how we do anything is how we do everything’ – be it on the race course or in a boardroom. 

Getting Out Of My Own Way.

Matt shares the five things that stop him from being great – the truth behind playing at his edge in relationships, authoring a book, and managing high stakes situations he knew nothing about.